The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak WaltonI

I was searching for a solution in copyright. Everyone shall be able to do all honorable things with the work I publish — right now the 1Biennale book: LIVING IN A CODED WORLD.

One shall quote nicely, giving fair credits, get inspired and make something great by the art shown, make something new, it may be transformative, it might be adaptive, it might fall under appropriation art …

Just don’t ignore the roots, telling others where the inspiration came from … so we are back at “to do things in an honorable way” …

I found that

SOME RIGHTS REVERSED is the best fitting. For a minute I was proud, yeah, the dot COM domain not taken, so I must have been the first.

Google redefined my search to SOME RIGHTS RESERVED, yeah! Obviously, God’s search thinks my brain is working like a million others, no ways! I want REVERSED.

A few minutes later I found out that I am not the first who had the idea to transform the pun ALL RIGHTS REVERSED.

As a placeholder for many I credit, one of the elders, Peter Sloterdijk, who set his work In Medias Res on SOME RIGHTS REVERSED.